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Re:Vision Notice of Privacy Practices

Any and all personal and/or medical information received by Re:Vision on behalf of patient care is respected by us as confidential, and will be considered privileged communication as between doctor and patient, with all legal rights and privileges pertaining. This would typically include (but not necessarily be limited to) full name, address, personal information (date of birth, SSN, marital status, etc.) contact and/or employment information, and all medical information including medical history, current medical conditions, medications used, findings on examination, etc. Any confidential information gathered by electronic means (such as this online registration portal) is facilitated exclusively via our secure server; this information is encrypted and cannot be viewed or captured by any third party on the Internet. Any and all confidential information will be maintained by Re:Vision in secure and discreet form, including medical records maintained by Re:Vision on behalf of patients. Re:Vision endeavors at all times to respect the safety, well-being, confidentiality and privacy of its patients, and to conduct its business affairs in observance of all policies, codes, standards and regulations of the relevant State and Federal regulatory authorities. Re:Vision additionally respects the measures endorsed and recommended by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) in these areas. Re:Vision does not share, divulge, distribute or otherwise convey ANY such confidential information.

Basically, that means we respect the privacy and confidentiality of information we may collect and maintain on behalf of our patients. We will never share, sell, disclose or otherwise compromise the security of this information unless authorized or requested to do so.